Please contact CompuTherm LLC to request to full package of PanPython.

System requirements
64-bit versions of Microsoft Windows 10, 8
Python 3 64-bit >= 3.8.0
PyCharm Community >= 2020.0
Pandat >= 2021 (to perform HTC calculation and kinetic optimization)

Run PanPython_SDK_2021_Setup.exe


  • Internet connection is required to download necessary Python packages.

  • Please select an installation path with full permission to write. The default path by PanPython installer is recommended.

panpython installation start

The installer may optionally install Python 3.8, if Python has not been installed on the system, or if the system has an earlier version of Python


Please select “Add Python 3.X to PATH” when installing Python. Or you have to manually modify PATH of Windows. See Add Python to PATH of Windows.


If Python.exe on system is earlier than Python 3.8, PanPython_SDK_2021_Setup.exe will install a Python.exe of version 3.8. All other earlier versions of Python.exe will not be effected. However, the default Python.exe on system will be changed to version 3.8.

python installation

The installation will finish with the following window:

python installation finished

If the following window does not disappear in 3 mins, try to press “Enter” key after selecting the window

python installation stuck

After the installation, PanPython SDK environment is created in “Installation path/env/”, which contains the interpreter “Installation path/env/Scripts/python.exe

Install PyCharm

PyCharm is a recommended IDE for PanPython projects. Download PyCharm and install

Open Solutions Examples with PanPython SDK

Open the example folder “/Solution_Examples/” in PyCharm. Follow “Setting an existing Python interpreter” section of to load PanPython SDK’s interpreter which has been created in Run PanPython_SDK_2021_Setup.exe.

Now the solution examples are ready to run under PanPython SDK environment!