“Stat: HTC Result Results Processing” Module

The core module of htc result post-processing

class panpython.sdk.stat.htc_result_post_processing.PandatHTCResultProcessor(cal_type, parent_path, file_name)[source]

Bases: object

A post-processing class merging all Data from a HTC into a single csv file

  • cal_type (str) – Type of HTC calculation

  • parent_path (str) – Parent path of HTC results

  • file_name (str) – Table names to be processed


>>> from panpython.sdk.stat.htc_result_post_processing import PandatHTCResultProcessor
>>> htc_result_parent_path = 'source/default'
>>> file_name = 'Table/Default.table'
>>> dump_path = './output/'
>>> file_output = 'merged.csv'
>>> m_processor = PandatHTCResultProcessor(parent_path=htc_result_parent_path,
...                                        file_name=file_name,
...                                        cal_type='point')
>>> m_processor.save_to_csv(output_path=dump_path, output_file=file_output)
static htc_condition_dict_creator(cal_type, parent_path, output_path, output_file='htc_condition.json')[source]

Create a dictionary of htc conditions. Save the condition to a JSON file. Return the dictionary

  • cal_type (str) – type of HTC calculation

  • parent_path (str) – the folder holding sub folders of htc calculations

  • output_path (str) – folder of output file

  • output_file (str, optional) – name of output file


a dictionary of htc conditions using task_id as key

Return type


save_to_csv(output_path, output_file)[source]

Save generated mega table of HTC result to csv

  • output_path (str) – path of output of csv file

  • output_file (str) – name of the output csv file