“Kinetic Optimization” Module

The core module of optimizing kinetic parameters

class panpython.sdk.kinetic_opt.kinetic_optimize.KdbBuilder(batch_file: str, opt_file: str, dump_path: str, pandat_exe: str, x_col: str = 'log10(t)')[source]

Bases: object

  • batch_file (str) – full path of batch file

  • opt_file (str) – full path of opt file

  • pandat_exe (str) – full path of pandat.exe

  • x_col (str default='log10(t)') – x column used for optimization


>>> from panpython.sdk.kinetic_opt.kinetic_optimize import KdbBuilder
>>> m_kdb = KdbBuilder(batch_file='template_batchfile.pbfx',
...                    opt_file='example.opt',
...                    dump_path='./kopt_output/',
...                    pandat_exe='pandat.exe')
>>> m_kdb.fit_wrapper()
property elapsed_pandat_time

total time cost by Pandat.exe

property elapsed_solver_time

total time cost of kinetic optimization


a wrapper of fitting opt files