“Pandat Utility: Pandat Run” Module

A core module calling Pandat.exe

class panpython.sdk.pandat_utility.pandat_run.WinCmdProcess_2(time_limit_in_min=15.0)[source]

Bases: object

Run a batchfile calculation from Pandat console mode.


time_limit_in_min (float, default=15.0) – time limit (minutes) for an exe run


>>> from panpython.sdk.pandat_utility.pandat_run import WinCmdProcess_2
>>> m_pandat_process: WinCmdProcess_2 = WinCmdProcess_2(time_limit_in_min=15.0)
>>> run_list: str = '"' + 'pandat.exe' + '" "' + 'example_batchfile.pbfx' + '" "0"'
>>> m_pandat_process.run_silent(run_list=run_list,
...                             task_id='0')
get_elapsed_time() float[source]

Return elapsed time of exe


elapsed time of running Pandat.exe

Return type:


run_silent(run_list, task_id, mute=False, console_output='NULL') str[source]

Run exe in silent mode

  • run_list (str) – the command list to run

  • task_id (str) – an task id from calling to track

  • mute (bool) – muting std output from Pandat run

  • console_output (str) – For saving the console output of Pandat run if needed. Defaults to “NULL” which wont save any file. Otherwise, name of file to store the console output should be given.

Return type:

A string containing runtime info